Get insight into the impact of your e-commerce deliveries!

What is Smartdrop?

Smartdrop, the tool that calculates the full impact of parcel deliveries on our society.

Find out the impact of your e-commerce deliveries on the environment

Based on the input of your company data, you will receive a detailed analysis of the impact on the environment and our society for each type of delivery. This impact is expressed in euros and the CO2 emissions per package.

Smartdrop gives you insights on 3 levels:

Participant-specific flow

By store point

By postcode


Would you like more insight into the impact of your e-commerce deliveries on our society? Then get started with Smartdrop! You can find out here what data you need to have in order to be able to participate. Please fill in the form below. We will contact you for further explanation and a demo.

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They are already participating

At AVA, we want to help our customers make the best possible choices. We have noticed that in recent years, customers are more often opting for the most ecological versions of the products we offer. Therefore, we also want to help them get our products to their homes in the most sustainable way possible.


Laurens Sanders, Director Marketing & E-commerce

Thanks to the Smartdrop study, we finally have an objective picture of the ecological impact of online deliveries within Decathlon. Now we are able to draw up an action plan to achieve Decathlon's ecological objectives according to the Paris agreements.

Ina Vandercappellen, Ecommerce operations manager

Smartdrop is a reliable and professional solution to help our customers choose their delivery method, taking into account not only CO2, but also infrastructure and accidents ... Moreover, it has the ambition to be a universal calculation tool for all retailers, which will give it extra credibility.

Fnac Vanden Borre

Stéphane Pauwels, COO