Smartdrop, the way to a more sustainable delivery

Together, we all order an average of 1 million parcels every day. Quick & easy. But is it also sustainable?

Not yet. Today, the impact of all deliveries on our society is estimated to be 188 million euros.

Smartdrop wants to do something about this and help you choose a more sustainable delivery option.

What is Smartdrop?

Smartdrop is a calculation tool that calculates the impact of the delivery of e-commerce packages. Smartdrop maps out all the ways a parcel travels from the distribution centre to your home:

  1. Despatch from the distribution centre
  2. Subsequent logistics flow
  3. The journey you make to pick up your parcel
  4. A missed delivery
  5. Return of your parcel

Smartdrop calculates the impact of this on our society, taking into account various elements:

Air pollution

Climate change

Noise pollution

Road traffic accidents

Impact of the production and distribution of fuel used for transport

Damage to our infrastructure (e.g. roads)

The delivery of our parcels affects a lot of things around us.

How can you get started with Smartdrop?

When ordering parcels online, consider how they are delivered.
You may soon see the Smartdrop logo alongside the most sustainable delivery option on a Belgian webshop.